What is ACI Central?

The Philippine-Australian Arts, Culture and Innovation Central (ACI Central) is a performance space, art gallery and networking hub based in Sydney. It aims to highlight the unique heritage of Filipinos as demonstrated by their art, music and cultural traditions.

ACI Central Brochure

ACI Central is also an “innovation” hub, providing a space for Filipino-Australian technology start-ups and small business entrepreneurs to meet and network.

It is currently situated in Shop 4 (Ground floor), Artisan Building on 3-9 Warby Street in Campbelltown.

Street parking is available and the nearest train station is Campbelltown.

Opening hours: The venue is available for hire from Monday to Saturday. ACI Central volunteers hold a series of community workshops on Sundays, from 1pm-3pm, open to the public.

To save on marketing costs, all information are distributed via email to family and friends or through the group's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtsCultureInnovationCentral/

Workshop costs can range from free to media and active members, to donations and fees of up to $50 per participant to cover the operational costs of the venue and to provide an hono-rary fee to the workshop facilitator.

Why is it called "ACI Central"?

It's the short form of the official name: Philippine-Australian Arts, Culture and Innovation Central (ACI Central)

Symbolically, ACI Central doesn't refer to any specific community associations as its objective is to be open to the general public, both from the Filipino community and beyond.

Who owns ACI Central?

It is owned by members of the NARRA Co-operative Ltd (National Affiliation of Respectable and Responsible Associations Co-operative Ltd), with major co-op members including FLAGCOM, PLAZA FILIPINO, LEON AGUILA ASSOCIATION, SEDGWICK CO-OP to name just a few. The FULL LIST categorised as Gold, Silver, Bronze and Kapit-Bisig Legacy supporters are displayed at the venue to acknowledge everyone who have either donated funds or became members of the NARRA Co-op Ltd.

Broadly speaking, it is owned by the Filipino community through their various donations and support to the associations listed (and not listed) above.

How is ACI Central funded?

Annual operational costs to run the venue is around $12,000 p.a. This will be funded through a series of fundraising events (Ambassador of the Year, Tribute to Mothers and Fathers, etc.), weekend workshops, membership drive, community donations and venue hire.

NARRA Co-op Ltd and Plaza Filipino Inc are looking at relevant government grants to purchase venue equipment and subsidise costs to support ongoing arts and cultural projects.

How can the Filipino community support ACI Central?

By becoming a NARRA Co-op Ltd member, which costs $140 (this includes one share of NARRA at $100 per share, $20 administration fee and $20 annual membership fee). See the attached brochure for more details.

You can also attend one of the workshops. More details on https://www.facebook.com/ArtsCultureInnovationCentral/

Even if you cannot be an active member of the Filipino community but would like to show your support, we welcome all one-off or regular financial donations from $2 and above to support our arts and cultural projects.

All donations are tax-deductible as NARRA Co-op Ltd is a DGR (Deductibe Gift Recipient) holder. Please call Jaime Lopez on 0478 540 889 to make a tax-deductible donation this financial year and get your tax receipt

Besides financial support, what can the Filipino community do to help ACI Central?

Like our page and ask your family and friends to do the same. We would like to get government grants to support our social/arts/culture/business projects and a better public awareness of what we do can help.


What do you hope to achieve?

To create and archive a body of work that is uniquely Filipino-Australian. We also want to provide a low-cost avenue for artists and performers to stage their exhibit and/or to run workshops. ACI Central is a venue to explore creative, artistic and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Our slogan is "ACI Central - Home of Philippine Arts, Culture and Innovation in Australia."

When is your next event?

It's a two-day theatrical workshop by award-winning playwright Giovanni Ortega. Details are in the poster attached. The dates are June 25 and July 2. Press members are welcome to attend.

Giovanni Ortega (Assistant Professor/ Director) recently directed SITI RUBIYAH in Singapore, a play commissioned by Playwriting Australia. Upon the Fragile Shore, his first film was screened for the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

As an actor he originated the role of President Marcos in Imelda, The Musical (East West Players); Dogeaters and The Refugee Hotel (Center Theatre Group).

As a playwright, he wrote Criers for Hire, which became the highest grossing world premiere play for East West Players Theater. Internationally, he was the resident scholar for the 2016 National Play Festival in Melbourne and conducted An Immigrant’s Diasporic Imagination workshop in Sydney, Australia.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

ACI Central is currently run by volunteers. Please message us on Facebook or email us on acibookings@gmail.com and one of our volunteers will be happy to get back to you.

1/13-17 Sedgwick St
Leumeah NSW 2560

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